Bloodstone’s Healing Properties

Despite the various references made about the bloodstone being mystically affective for various illnesses and physical ailments, it is actually a beneficial mineral. Bloodstone is mined and produced by the Indians, who use it for various purposes. This is a major reason that bloodstones of a larger size are rarely found. Many of them are used in India for medicinal purposes. Despite it being mainly produced in India, there are other areas where bloodstone has been found in large quantities, such as Scotland, Brazil and Australia. Though the quantity of bloodstone in Europe is very low in comparison to that in India. Some of the uses for bloodstone in India are as aphrodisiacs, however, there is legitimacy to the claim that bloodstone relieves pain. The medicinal properties of bloodstone when ground into a powder can ease the pain of indigestion, menstrual cramping, bloating, and other types of stomach related pain.

For example, bloodstone is mainly composed of silicon dioxide, which over time can be harmful when inhaled. The high purity form of silicon dioxide, –not derived from bloodstone, as it has impurities, is fused silica; glass. Bloodstone is completely harmless and neutral when swallowed as a ground powder, as long as the pieces are not large enough to cause lacerations to any internal tissues. However, when added to a anti-foaming agent, such as polydimethylsiloxane –another type of silicon, it enhances the medicinal anti-foaming effect. This kind of combination is used in products that we’re more familiar with than we realize. Simethicone, the combination of silicon oxide and polydimethylsiloxane is the prime effective ingredient of medicines like Gas-X. Other similarly composed anti-foaming agents made from polydimethylsiloxane and silicone dioxide, are used in foods, such as Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke, Sprite, the deep fryer oil from McDonald’s and even chicken nuggets.

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