While bloodstone, both Plasma and Heliotrope is mainly a silicon mineral, Hematite, “bloodstone”, as it’s referred to in Germany, perhaps incorrectly, is primarily an oxide mineral. More specifically, and iron oxide. It’s one of many several forms of iron oxide, but Hematite is iron(III) oxide, and is also the main iron ore that is mined […]

Bloodstone’s Healing Properties

Despite the various references made about the bloodstone being mystically affective for various illnesses and physical ailments, it is actually a beneficial mineral. Bloodstone is mined and produced by the Indians, who use it for various purposes. This is a major reason that bloodstones of a larger size are rarely found. Many of them are […]

Bloodstone’s Mystical Uses

There has been a lot of mystical speculation about how many different uses there are for bloodstone, whether they involve actually ingesting the powdered mineral, or just wearing it. The properties listed here are all said to be contained by the bloodstone: Promotes self-esteem, harmony and balance within one’s self. Used as an aphrodisiac when […]

Legend Of The Bloodstone

There are numerous mystical properties attributed to the bloodstone, some of which are healing and helping, others are just lore. But on the other hand, perhaps the most interesting, are the legendary origins of the bloodstone. According to Biblical legend, the bloodstone is a symbol of God’s great sacrifice to mankind. On the day of […]

What Are Bloodstones?

Bloodstones are rocks. In the sense that diamonds and rubies are rocks too; bloodstone is likewise a mineral. The name is relative to the area, much like any other form of matter. In Germany, Hematite is considered to be bloodstone, while Heliotrope is called bluestone instead to differentiate the two. Others argue that Heliotrope is […]

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